Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Me (part 2)

The follow-up to part 1:
This was an assignment in a drawing class to draw a self portrait in pencil. I've never had less fun staring in a mirror before, but it turned out pretty good.

Over the last year I used photoshopped portraits on facebook for my profile pictures. They included Iron Man, Scott Pilgrim, and a lumberjack. Not the most polished thing, but it was fun.

This next one was actually done last month by a friend - Kimberly Bennett - who is also in the illustration program with me and is currently teaching me how to do caricature art. She did the linework and I colored it later in photoshop.

More updated work coming soon.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Me (part 1)

Here are some of the portraits of me that have come and gone. This first one is from fall 2007. It was originally part of a failed webcomic I was planning to do with Garrett Markle.

This one I drew Winter 2009 while I was serving as an LDS missionary. I used it for Christmas cards.
This is from Fall 2010. It was part of a video contest to advertise meal plans for my university.

Here's the video (starring myself and Andrew Snow as Meal Plan Man):

(To be continued...)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Sketches

I feel pretty terrible... I haven't done any sketchbook work all weekend. I drew this after a trip to the Haunted Forest in American Fork and I really felt like just getting some creepy stuff out.