Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Speedpaint: Secretarybird

I have work off this week, so I'm gonna try and do an hour speedpaint every day

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OWNED, finished

Recently, the BYU Animation student film I worked on won both a Student Emmy and a Student Academy Award. Here are some things I helped design that made an impact on the final version of the animated short:

From the character selection screen, I designed this fighter that ended up becoming a Miley Cyrus joke. My original design is here

The main character's video game fighter looked very different at first with heavy military influences. Even though my designs don't look much like the final version, the director said they inspired him to make alot of changes about Caliber's personality and have a more crazy-mercenary feel to him
My designs are here, here, and here

I didn't do too much with the brother, but I did have a few ideas. I don't think they really influenced anything though.
Here are some of my sketches:

And then there's Abby. Again, I didn't do the final designs or anything, but I did help flesh out the look and feel of the character

You can see my sketches herehere, and here, and a rendering I did here

I also did preliminary sketches and designs for the industrial level of the video game, including the idea for the big robot in the middle of the environment.

Here are my sketches:

And here's a screen cap from the credits where you can blatantly see my name. Yaaaaayyyy!