Monday, October 17, 2011


Had a a sorta craving to watch the Never Ending Story - luckily, the whole movie is on youtube in 9 parts. I didn't even get past the first few minutes when I remembered what a catchy theme song was in there, so I looked up just the theme and found the music video... I didn't even know there was one, and the reason is probably because its garbage. The real shocker though, is that the theme song's voice is a MAN'S. For years, I could have sworn it was a woman's.
Just to save you a second, here's the video:

I oughta do some fanwork from that movie, there are some pretty sick puppets in there.

This weekend I went to a caricature workshop run by my friend Kim, who's been doing caricatures for some 4 years now (and in popular theme parks). Aside from getting drawn by several people, I was able to turn out a few good ones

Here's one of Kim.
I'll probably post some more in the future.

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