Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Brave Little Illustrator Goes to Europe!

This is it boys and girls - I'm finally in London! Thanks to many, many sacrifices by my parents, donors, and others, I've finally landed in the UK to start my summer abroad on the other side of the planet. Here are a few photos from our first full day in London where we took tours around the city mostly by bus and a little by boat.

Here I am with Craig, one of the two other males on the trip. Yeah, there are only three of us guys. We're standing in front of the Kensington Palace, the future home of  William and Kate. The area is still available to the public at the moment... but not for long.

Had to take a picture of Big Ben.

Apparently, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Queen's reign over England. They call it her "Diamond Jubilee" and the celebration lasts pretty much the entire year. They threw up this enormous picture over the side of a building of her from a couple decades back.

This is us on the boat tour. No, its not because I'm attractive, it's because I'm literally the only guy there.

Downtown London: I wanted a picture of me in the middle of the city, so I give the camera to one of the girls and she's about to take the picture when this bald guy comes up from behind, puts his arm around me, and goes "Yeaaah!" and then as soon as the picture is taken, he walks off! Never saw him before, never saw him again.

Stay tuned for more pictures, more stories, and my report on the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour!

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  1. Are you doing the BYU London study abroad? I did that fall of 2009. I stayed in the attic room- I signed my name under the shelf above my bed.