Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Pigs (part 4)

 Continued from part 3...

The next couple of images were all meant to be artwork used for the game's website, but Giraffon was able to get some free artwork from another artist so they used his instead... even though I had already made mine and they had already paid me to do it. Anyway, the idea was to make a simple image that would showcase each pig as it beat up birds.

Apart from the introductory little images, I also made some rendered digital paintings to showcase the pigs and birds in more realistic settings. I had these in mind for the website at first, but instead they were put in-game to be used in the menu system for level selection - all except for the one with the cannon. That was supposed to be for the main title/logo screen but got dropped when we had to change the villains to wolves. The first one I did was the cowboy one and it was actually a big deal for me - I had never painted anything like it in Photoshop before and it surprised me how well it turned out.

The wolf one above was the last thing I did for Giraffon up until this point. I finished it in May and since then, I've technically still been their employee, but they haven't had any work for me to do. Pig Avengers has had thousands of downloads, but only for the free version. Hardly anyone has bought the $1 version. Giraffon has talked about plans for expansions and new levels and more villains, but they have their hands full making money with other companies' apps, so it doesn't look like there will be any development on Pig Avengers for a while.

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