Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Birthday

 My birthday was this past weekend - Saturday if you weren't aware - and I was totally planning to spend it in my room eating chocolate... until I got a call from a guy saying he had found one of my caricature ads on the internet and wanted to know if I would help him propose to his girlfriend. On my birthday. But how could I refuse to help a guy in need of a way to pop the question?

So here's the story - we determined that I would set up a table at the mall later that afternoon with a sign that said "FREE CARICATURES" (I've done it before) and that he could find me there and I would draw him proposing to his girlfriend, after which he would then propose to his girlfriend. On my birthday. I got him to send me a photo of the two of them so I could know what they looked like ahead of time and make some preparatory drawings to make sure it looked good. On my birthday.

I waited for the guy for a while... even a bit past the time we said he was going to come. On my birthday. But I managed to get a few other caricature customers in who all tipped me and I made a couple extra bucks on the side at least. On my birthday. So eventually, I see the guy and he's walking past me and I'm sort of trying to catch his eye without being obvious because he still wants it to be a surprise, you know? But he passed by several times and still didn't come and sit down... so I texted him, and he said, "She is being really stubborn." On my birthday.

Finally, they sat down so I could draw them (and I had to beat off a bunch of other nosy people who wanted a free caricature cuz I was like - actually, this is for a guy to propose to his girlfriend, so go away so I can draw him). I found out the girl apparently had a bad experience with caricatures before and that's why she was being so skittish... but I pulled off the charming artist bit and gave her a hard time for almost passing up a "free" caricature (cuz, you know, they're usually like $20). On my birthday. I kept mentioning how I was taking some artistic liberties as well and that I hoped they didn't hate how it turned out... and that's when I turned it over and showed them
And she was like - Wait.... whaaaaaat?
And he was like - Ohhhh yeaaaaah, here we go
And she was like - Oh snap, you're proposing
On my birthday.
She accepted, as you can see from the picture below, and they both thanked me a couple of times before full-on making out and then walking away. When the guy put out his hand to shake mine, his whole arm was vibrating. He was crazy nervous, it was awesome. On my birthday.

Happy birthday to me.


  1. Kendall this is great!! Reminds me of Europe haha

    1. Haha, yeah all that crazy stuff on the bus!

  2. That is way cool! Not many career fields give you opportunities like that.