Saturday, June 22, 2013


So after the last pokemon fusion thing, I was thinking of not putting them up on the blog anymore. After all, blogs tend to be seen more by potential employers and Tumblr and Deviantart are more the fan-based crazyfests. For some reason though, after I posted this image on those two sites and NOT my blog, my pageviews skyrocketed. Now my stuff is floating around all over, including reddit, imgur, facebook, and who knows which pokefetish sites... sometimes giving me credit, sometimes not. So, despite my earlier decision to not put it here, I am now putting it here so that people have another chance of seeing the source as posted by its artist.

*** IF any of you happens to see THIS or ANY OTHER of my images posted somewhere and credit isn't really given to me (like they cut off the bottom part of the picture with my site names) - would you please be good and decent people by leaving a comment to direct people back toward me? Usually by leaving some kind of link back to deviantart or tumblr or whatever? A couple people have done this for me already out of their own good nature, but I can't always count on it.

And let me be up front and honest about this: I want to advance my career. To do that, people need to know that the art belongs to me. I'd love to make a living off of doing art like this, and then I'd get to do MORE of it. That won't happen if I don't have support though, and to have enough support I need a larger audience.

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  1. It's been posted here: without credit but somebody made sure you get some credits in the comment section (your signature is still there tough)

  2. Dude you should make a facebook page and upload all your stuff if you havent already. That picture looks amazing!