Monday, January 27, 2014

Caricatures at the Sundance Filmmaker's Brunch

This past Wednesday I had the awesome opportunity to do caricatures of filmmakers over at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. To be honest, I was way more excited about meeting people there than I was about the pay - and I even snuck a little food from the buffet table before I set up, heheheh.

I was contracted out by Ian Johnston, the director of Too Many Legs Animation Studio in Salt Lake, and got to work alongside Mel Milton, a character animator that lives in Orem - both of whom blew my mind with their industry experience and kindness (I felt like an ant that got to work alongside bulldozers).

As always, things started out pretty slow. People tend to notice/want caricatures as they leave parties, unless those people are little kids (which thankfully, we didn't have to draw many of...). The brunch was hosted by Southwest Airlines and they had hired out some models for the party, some of whom I got to draw :D

I also got to meet and draw the Johnson brothers, some super fun local actors from Utah. You might recognize the bottom left one as the coach from High School Musical. These guys were crazy fun to draw and were some of the nicest people I met there

I also got to meet director/producer Sohrab Mirmont who just got done working on the film "The Freemason." Awesome guy, and I tried my best not to geek out when he added me on facebook.


  1. What the freak. Since when did you become a caricature expert? How did this happen? you're extraordinary!

    1. Well, you left a hole to fill while you were in Paris! So I got Kim Bennett to give me private lessons :D