Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Caricature Proposal!

So, there was this one time, on my birthday, when a guy asked me to draw him proposing to his girlfriend. Well word got around of how awesome it was, on my birthday, and this weekend I got to do it all again!

Paul asked me to draw him proposing to his girlfriend Laurel, so my friend Lexi and I set up at the University Mall with a table that said "Free Caricatures." I had gotten a couple of photos of Paul and Laurel in advance so I could practice drawing them and know what they looked like. While they were eating out that night, Lexi and I found a good place to sit and we met up with Paul's sister and her friend, both of whom had cameras to take undercover photos with. When they passed by, I called them over to draw them and then when I finally turned the drawing over, Paul got down and popped out the ring. It took Laurel a couple of minutes to figure out what was going on, but when she did she was blown away!

Paul asked me to leave a blank speech bubble for her in the drawing so she could write her answer inside -

They loved it so much, they wanted a picture with me! Awwwww!

Congratulations Paul and Laurel! You guys were adorable!


  1. bahahaha I totally know Paul... he dated my roommate last summer. hilarious. :)