Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Projects

Finals are coming up, so to prepare for all the projects I have for classes, I've taken up a couple of outside of class jobs to work on. The main ones are

1) Video game concept art (I signed a non-disclosure agreement to not talk about it, but I think I can post some rejected artwork that I made already)

2) A comic strip panel. This ones kinda different - its the first time I've collaborated with anyone to create comics where they write the material and all I do is illustrate it. Most of the jokes are history-oriented or are wordplay puns. Here's a taste of what's coming.
Yup. The illustrations are alot of fun to do, I like working in black and white with simple cartoons, and so far I've been given quite a bit of artistic leeway. Again, the jokes aren't mine. Just the drawings.

3) My personal comic strip. Now this is a plan that I've been wanting to put into action for years but never got started on until a few months ago. Its still not even off the ground yet, I've only done 7 strips (they take a while to do because I want them to look good) and I've written about 15 so far, though I haven't decided on any character names or even a name for the strip. Still working out a website for it as well. Here's a sample:

It'll be a progressive thing following a main character through an ongoing story line. That's the plan anyway.

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