Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Projex December 2011

Its Finals week. Am I worried? Pffffff, no. Cuz I just did all but one of my finals already.

Saturday at noon, finished this for my photography class. (Don't worry, its funny, not artsy).

Totally just goofed around. I know its not professional, but I'm not a photographer.

6:45 this morning and I just spent the last 9 hours or so with my little energy drink buddy and this fatty:

Essentially an assignment to illustrate a scene from this dumb story:

Had to be 15" at least in each dimension, so I went 18"x24" with charcoal. Not the greatest job with values, but hey, its done. Time for bed.


  1. Those pictures are a little morbid bro. Do we need to talk about your feelings?

  2. You mean the Weird Al song didn't cut the tension for you?

  3. poor clorox cereal girl . . . very original composition lol :)

    I haven't read the "dumb story", but it looks cool from your illustration. The costumes are awesome :)