Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Brave Little Illustrator Goes to Europe PART 6

For all of you Sherlock lovers, eat your heart out: 

That's me standing next to the big guy himself. And if that wasn't enough to boil your biscuits...

Yeah, that's me in front of THE Speedy's next to Sherlock's apartment as seen in the current BBC show "Sherlock." And we ate there for lunch too. Later that day, Who did we go see? Yes.

That's a rack of a bunch of Dr. Who stuff... We went to the "Official" (?) store located on the east side of London, complete with a backroom "museum" of authentic Dr. Who paraphernalia. This place had official comics, novels, movies, DVD series, CDs, creepy photos of the 70s Dr. Who, helmets of the cybermen, action figures, and on and on.

And there's me next to one of the previous Doctors. You can't see it, but I'm in front of a sign that says, "This booth featured in the movie 'Dr. Who and the Daleks.'" But where are the Daleks?

Right here. Complete with plunger arm. That paper there says something like, "Do not take photos unless given permission." Did I get permission? Only after I took the photo... heh heh.

Speaking of strange stores, we passed one where this was apparently the advertised fashion. I'm not sure if the Wario suit really comes like that or if you're supposed to be fat in the first place. Or pregnant.

The Tower Bridge is all decked out for the Olympics, and I'm there to see it like a boss.

Because apparently they are the most dangerous people in the area.

Found the RIGHT Abbey Road! And here I am in front of the studio.

The wall under the fence surrounding it had all these names graffitied onto it, so I added mine.

And I wrote this there while I was at it. Don't get it?

And after alot of fussing and dodging traffic, we recreated the Abbey Road image... more or less.

We passed a restaurant today and I felt like I had to share this. Can't say I ate there. I think you can guess why.

Found the Peter Pan statue at Kensington Gardens as well. Paid my respects to it as you can see.

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