Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Brave Little Illustrator Goes to Europe PART 11

Things have been going by so fast, I really haven't had time to update until now. We're finally in a hostel where they have some computers with free internet...

Our last day in the UK, we drove out to the port in Dover. We made sure to stop in front of the castle.

Unfortunately, the entry price to it was ridiculous and we didn't end up going inside.

 We did get to see the famous White Cliffs of Dover though, and I made sure to listen to the Eric Johnson song several times while I was there. That's me on the ferry from Dover to France. It was an hour and a half long trip and was our last chance to spend our British pounds. Once we hit France, we started our Continental Road Trip, making our first stop in Brugges, Belgium...

 Where we immediately went for Belgium waffles. There are no words, only the sounds of moaning in ecstasy.

We made sure to get a picture there with the sweet European old-school wind mills. 

And at the heart of Brugges, there was a huge celebration. Apparently, we happened to be there on their National Holiday. There was a huge concert in the plaza at the center of town and tons of people and police. Just about everyone we talked to spoke English though, which was awesome.

 Especially when we went to buy BELGIAN CHOCOLATES. I wish I had spent more money here, and that is a phrase I NEVER use. This chocolate was hands down the best thing eaten on the trip.

 After Brugges, we came to Amsterdam. You can see my disbelief that I'm actually there in this photo. Amsterdam is gorgeous, with large canals running throughout the city and for the first time in our whole trip we had a day devoid of clouds and/or rain. Wearing shorts has never felt so good.

There I am with two of the girls from the group, kicking it back on the giant I AMsterdam monument. While we were there, we went to the Anne Frank memorial/actual Secret Annex that her familz hid in, the Rijk museum that houses Rembrandt's most famous artwork, and the Van Gogh museum that contains over 200 of his paintings. I really liked each one, but I would have LOVED the Van Gogh museum if it wasn't so full of trashz tourists and old people that crowded the whole place. Even for a good art museum, this place was packed and so fast-paced, I didn't even really get to enjoy it all that much. I did see one of his famous Sunflower pieces, his Potato Eaters painting, and a bunch of his reallz good self-portraits, but each time I tried to stand there and appreciate it, a million people would all push and shove to get near it and get in front of me and to listen to some tour guide go on and on and on... Otherwise, it would have been a major highlight.

This building looked important, so I took a picture with it.

 Probably the sketchiest museum in the world. No, we didn't go in.

 The building behind me is Centraal Station, and yeah it's spelled with two A's.

You can't really see it, but that tower behind me has a giant crown on it.

Amsterdam has a great program going to solve public urination for men: putting outdoor urinals around town. Sorry ladies, you're out of luck.

Amsterdam had some great looking people. This was a lad we passed on the street. I couldn't help but snap a photo for fashion's sake. He looked ever so chic. The great thing about Amsterdam was its charming beauty in architecture and the city layout. The annoying thing about Amsterdam were that almost every souvenier you could buy was either about the legalized marijuana or the legalized prostitution. That kind of gave the visit a sour note unfortunately...

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