Friday, July 20, 2012

The Brave Little Illustrator Goes to Europe PART 10: FINAL HOURS OF THE UK

Tomorrow we're finally leaving the island known as the United Kingdom and heading off to continental Europe! But here's what's been between Edinburgh and now:

On our way back down to England, we dropped by St. Andrew's cathedral, a Catholic church long destroyed by Protestants centuries ago. The church grounds are now a creepy cemetary.  

Right down the road from the cathedral are the ruins of a medieval castle, which wasn't all that interesting except that there was an underground tunnel you could go through.

Later that night we arrived in York!

Which is also the birthplace of Guy Fawkes. V for Vendetta fans much?

There wasn't a whole lot going on around York, but there was the big ol' cathedral Yorkminster. That's me attempting to make a "Y" with my fingers. You know... for Yorkminster. Cuz Yorkminster starts with a... well, you get it.

There were some vacant pedestals in front of the cathedral, so we took it upon ourselves to fill the space. (I'm a gargoyle.) 

The inside of Yorkminster was fantastically beautiful and had loads of great decor.

One of my favorite parts was the line of 13 kings up on the wall. 

Ok, story time: this is James the drunk. After our visit to the Cathedral, we all split up and a few of us stopped to get Fish and Chips for lunch. The restaurant we went to had no place to sit inside, so we left to a nearby plaza area and ate together on a ledge. Enter James, a hammer-drunk Scottsman who surprisingly enough was partially inteligible. James was unabashed and quickly came over to us dancing, telling jokes, playing air guitar, and claiming to have close friendships with Neil Diamond and Sharon Osbourne. We eventually finished our lunch and he asked us for a drink, to which we offered him bottled water. He declined and we offered him our unfinished french fries which he also declined. After realizing that we wouldn't give him any money for alcohol, James started to get agitated and angry and started swearing at us... so we decided to pick up and leave. Except he got aggressive. He leapt up and got in the face of one of the girls with us and started calling her some really nasty things. She asked him to be more of a gentleman, to which he responded, "I'm no gentleman, I'm a lazy bum!" Then he turned on me and started getting angry that I wouldn't give him money when I clearly had enough to buy lunch and have some fries leftover that were thrown away. And as we all know, arguing with a drunk is stupid, so I tried to leave and he kept following me, so I told him to stop and he told me he was going to punch me. When I said I'd call the cops if he did, he shouted, "I'm the chief of police!" and showed me his bus pass. The four of us ducked into a chocolate shop to try and get away from him and, after being shooed out by an employee, he decided to wait outside and watch us through the window. Eventually we dodged him once we got back outside, but what a creep!

Today we arrived at Canterbury! Just in time to attend the Evensong mass at the Canterbury Cathedral.

Another beautiful cathedral, though this was the first one that had an unlit side, which looked awesome in the late afternoon shadows of an overcast sky.

After some drizzling, a rainbow came out as we headed to our current hostel. Here we sleep for the night, for tomorrow, we leave for Amsterdam!

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